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Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (PCT)Sound Insulation Testing (Part E)

Sound Insulation Testing Part E

IEC provides nationwide acoustic design advice and approved sound insulation testing (also known as Pre-Completion Testing or PCT) under Approved Document E of The Building Regulations (2003, as amended).

We have been a member of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) since 2007 and are approved to carry out sound insulation testing through the ANC Registration Scheme (Registration No. 170). In addition, all test engineers are corporate members of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) and have been practising acousticians for over 20 years.

Approved Document E of The Building Regulations applies to attached dwellings, flats or rooms-for-residential use.  These can be new or converted dwellings in England and Wales. Since 2003, Pre-Completion Testing (PCT) has been required to demonstrate compliance with the minimum performance standards contained within Approved Document E.

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When is Acoustic Insulation Testing Required

Under Approved Document E of The Building Regulations you will require acoustic insulation testing if your development consists of the following:

  • A building or buildings consisting of flats
  • A building for use as a hotel or house of multiple occupancy (HMO)
  • Building terraced or semi-detached dwelling-houses
  • Conversion (material change of use) of a building into dwelling-houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes

You will not be required to carry out acoustic insulation testing if building a detached dwelling or refurbishment works. Developments such as listed buildings and care homes typically require site-specific consideration given project constraints and need to be considered on an individual basis with relevant parties (i.e. Building Control Officer, Conservation Officer).

Sound insulation testing is required through separating (party) walls and floors. The number of tests required for a development is detailed within Section 1 of Approved Document E. Generally, one set of tests for every 10 houses or flats with the same separating wall or floor constructions is required.

Part E Sound Insulation Testing Advice
Design of room acoustics
Airborne Sound Insulation Tests
Impact Sound Insulation Tests
Part E Compliance
Pre-Completion Test (PCT)

Impact and Airborne Testing

Acoustic insulation testing considers airborne and impact sound insulation:

  • Airborne sound  insulation tests are carried out on separating walls or floors between houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes. The test is of insulation against sound that is transmitted through the air, such as speech. The testing is carried out in accordance with British Standard BS EN ISO 140-4. The measurements obtained during the sound insulation tests are standardised and rated in accordance with the requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 717-1.
  • Impact sound insulation tests are only required on separating floors between flats and rooms for residential purposes. The test is noise resulting from an impact on the surface, such as footsteps on the floor.

Additional Services

We are also able to provide the following services through a trusted network or associates

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  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Ventilation Testing
  • MVHR Commissioning

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