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Noise Assessment

Planning permission was conditionally granted for a mixed-use development consisting of retail units and residential flats formed by a material change of use of existing buildings and new extensions. One of the conditions related to noise and specifically the provision of a noise attenuation and mitigation assessment.

Discharging of the condition was complicated due to the adjoining site previously being occupied by Tesco but was currently unoccupied, restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic were still in force and creating an atypical acoustic environment and the former Tesco site was subject of its own planning application for a mixed-use development.

Essential Consultation

Consultation with the local authority was essential during the preparation of the Noise Impact Assessment report given the unprecedented situation. A number of sources of information were used to carry out the assessment, as well es exploratory testing of the existing sound insulation of the building to consider sound transmission between the retail and residential areas.

Historical Data

IEC was able to use historical noise data obtained from previous survey work along the same road to establish likely road traffic and people noise levels external to the building.

Predictions and Considerations

Delivery noise predictions were also undertaken using previously obtained source data from several foodstores over the years.

Noise ingress was considered using BS8233 calculation routines and recommendations for appropriate glazing, ventilation and roof elements to mitigate noise were detailed within a technical report.

Exploratory test data obtained from the existing internal walls and floors within the building were used to prepare an Acoustic Design Review relating to Approved Document E, detailing appropriate sound insulation measures to mitigate internal sound transmission.

The report also highlighted the need for the adjoining development to fully mitigate noise from the potential A3/A4/A5 uses on existing and permitted dwellings around the site. The condition relating to noise was satisfactorily discharged and the developer has commenced preparation work.

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