Mineral Extraction and Waste Management Air Quality Assessments

Air Quality Surveys for Mineral Extraction and Waste Management Sites

Mineral Extraction and Waste Management Air Quality Assessments

Mineral workings and waste management sites will normally require air quality assessments in order to ensure sites operate without significant impacts on human and ecological receptors. IEC is particularly experienced in the operations associated with minerals and waste sites and the preparation of assessments of management plans required for planning or licensing purposes.

We have prepared standalone technical reports to support planning applications for sand/gravel and hard rock quarries, as well as air quality chapters for Environmental Statements (ES). We also regularly carry out compliance dust monitoring of operational sites as part of the conditions relating to dust for planning permissions.

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Dust Issues

Dust causes concern when it is deposited in and around homes, schools and other sensitive locations in visible quantities. The potential impacts from fugitive dust emissions are through larger particles which may cause disamenity through soiling and staining and health impacts caused smaller particles (PM10).

Assessments are carried out using IAQM Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts for Planning (2016).

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Dust Assessment Projects

Recent projects across the UK include air quality chapters for ES, planning applications for  proposed concrete batching plants and planning applications for waste recycling sites. Air quality assessments for new and existing developments in the UK has included the following types of facility:

  • Quarries (sand and gravel, hard rock)
  • Landfill
  • Concrete Batching Plant
  • Material Recycling Facility (MRF)
  • Waste Transfer Station (WTS)

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice on a broad range of environmental issues relating to the minerals and waste sectors.

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