Industrial Noise Surveys

Noise Surveys for Industrial Developments

Industrial Noise Surveys

Industrial noise has the potential to be a problem on two levels. Firstly, the impact on nearby residents and secondly, employees working within the premises (discussed in Occupational Noise section). An industrial noise survey is essential step to assess and evaluate these potential risks.

Planning applications for new mechanical plant or industrial processes will typically necessitate the submission of a Noise Impact Assessment in accordance with British Standard 4142:2014+A1:2019.

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Noise Impact Assessment Surveys
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Noise Impact Assessment

The method is based on the difference between the background sound level without the industrial/commercial source and the sound level of the industrial source (specific sound) at the receiver location. The sound is rated for having tonality, impulsivity, intermittency or other distinguishable characteristics that may attract attention. In cases where the sound contains multiple characteristics, the penalties are cumulative.

In the majority of cases, the greater the difference between the rated sound level (specific sound and corrections for character) and background sound level, the greater the magnitude of impact.

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Industrial Noise Experience

IEC has carried out a vast number of industrial noise survey assessments covering, amongst others, kitchen extraction systems, air source heat pumps, poultry farms and factories.

Mitigation measures to meet acceptability has included changing the proposed unit for installation, acoustic enclosures, acoustic barriers, attenuators or silencers in ductwork and improving the sound insulation of the building fabric.

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