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Entertainment noise assessments are required in a number of situations, whether it be permanent venues  including nightclubs, bars, wedding venues, function rooms, or temporary events such as festivals or outdoor concerts.

Whether this is for obtaining planning permission, starting a new entertainment premises or staging a temporary event, an entertainment noise assessment is often required by your local authority in order to protect existing residents.

Our noise assessments will typical consider music noise breakout, noise from mechanical services plant and ‘people noise’ from the dispersion of customers. We can design sound insulation measures to ameliorate music break-out, as well as providing advice on sound systems (e.g. compressor limiter, graphic equaliser, loudspeaker size).

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Noise Management Plans
Solutions for Mixed use Developments
In-house Developed Criterion using Noise Rating Curves
Utilising proprietary modelling software

Noise Management Plans

Noise Management Plans are developed for outdoor concerts and festivals, reducing the resulting impact on noise-sensitive receptors in the local area. Liaison with Local Authority Environmental Health Officers is integral and noise monitoring during events may also be requested.

Mixed Use Developments

Some of the most challenging projects we face are mixed-use developments where entertainment venues and residential apartments occupy the same building, whether it be new build or a material change of use. Using proprietary modelling software we are able to predict likely sound transmission from the commercial elements of the building to the noise-sensitive dwellings and advise on appropriate sound insulation measures to separating partitions and associated flanking structures.

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Noise Standards

In the absence of any specific objective guidance for the assessment of entertainment-related noise across the UK, many local authorities have their own standards for music sound transmission and breakout. We have developed appropriate criterion using Noise Rating Curves which takes into account low frequencies because the bass component from music will not usually be attenuated by the structure as well as higher frequencies.

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