Construction and Demolition Air Quality Assessments

Air Quality Assessments for Demolition and Construction Sites

Demolition & Construction Air Quality Surveys

Construction projects can trigger a requirement from your local authority to carry out an air quality assessment at the planning stage and/or monitor dust levels during the construction phase.

Dust causes concern when it is deposited in and around homes, schools and other sensitive locations in visible quantities. Construction sites can give rise to annoyance due to the soiling of surfaces by dust and increase long-term, particulate matter (PM10) concentrations. Smaller particles (less than 10 μm) and termed PM10 can travel 1000m or more from the source.

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Monitoring & Assessment of dust on construction sites
Live access to dust level reporting
Members of the Institute of Air Quality Management (MIAQM)

Semi-Permanent Dust Monitoring

We can provide semi-permanent construction dust monitoring (as well as noise and vibration). The  monitoring equipment can be maintained every few weeks, with reports prepared on a weekly or monthly basis.

We have recently upgraded to a web portal system in order to allow live access to dust levels for the contractor.  This enables alerts to be sent via email or phone when dust thresholds are exceeded, allowing the works to briefly cease and investigations to be carried to identify the cause of the exceedance.

Dust Assessments

Assessments are carried out using IAQM Guidance on the assessment of dust from demolition and construction (2014). Monitoring is carried out using the IAQM Guidance on Monitoring in the Vicinity of Demolition and Construction Sites (2018).

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Independent Environmental Consultancy personnel are members of Institute of Air Quality Management (MIAQM) and provide comprehensive technical reports for submission to the Local Planning Authority.

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