Agricultural Noise Surveys

Noise Surveys for Agricultural Facilities

Agricultural Noise Surveys

Agricultural-related developments are increasingly required to have noise assessments carried out by the Local Planning Authority. Agricultural premises can be associated with issues of pollution, noise, dust and odour depending on the type of livestock, activities on site and the proximity of sensitive properties and ecologically significant sites.

We have many years of experience in helping clients through the noise aspects of the planning process for sites including pig rearing units, poultry farms and beef production units.

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Noise Impact Assessments

Planning applications for new mechanical plant such as ventilation fans will typically necessitate the submission of a Noise Impact Assessment in accordance with British Standard 4142:2014+A1:2019.

The method is based on the difference between the background sound level without the source operating and the sound level of the plant source (specific sound) at the receiver location. The sound is rated for having tonality, impulsivity, intermittency or other distinguishable characteristics that may attract attention. In cases where the sound contains multiple characteristics, the penalties are cumulative.

In the majority of cases, the greater the difference between the rated sound level (specific sound and corrections for character) and background sound level, the greater the magnitude of impact.

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Additional Buildings

Where an existing facility is seeking to add additional buildings, change in noise level criterion is typically considered appropriate for determining the likely acceptability of the scheme in terms of noise impact. Absolute criterion such as the WHO Guidelines will also form part of a comprehensive assessment considering fixed plant installations, loading/unloading of stock,  cleaning out operations and livestock vocalising.

The Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document (BREF) for the Intensive Rearing of poultry or pigs (IRPP) was released in 2017. All new installation farming permits issued after the 21st February 2017 must be compliant in full from the first day of operation.

Agricultural Experience

Director and Noise Consultant Alex Hook has over 20 years experience in noise and vibration assessment and comes from a farming background. This technical experience and understanding of real-world agricultural considerations excellently places IEC to assist you in the noise aspects of the negotiation process with local authority environmental health officers and the Environment Agency.

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